Our Cultural Health Check program is a unique change management program delivering tangible, bottom line results for business owners and CEOs.
Our program is so successful because we measure the health of your workplace culture,
then provide actionable ‘micro strategies’ to help master it.

From toxic to award winning
– how the Culture Doctor’s Cultural Health Check program transformed Kennedy’s Timbers.
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We Measure so You can Master

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How we turn workplace cultures around


Risk Assessment

Online Assessments

Our unique online assessments are completed anonymously by employees and provide an accurate assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing workplace culture.


Robust and engaging staff workshops are led by The Culture Doctor® and the information gathered supplements the online assessments. An accurate picture of the existing culture emerges.


The results of online assessments and workshops are recorded and collated in a meaningful way. You and your employees are kept informed at every stage of the process.


We accurately diagnose the type of culture that exists in your organisation, identify what culture is desired and tailor-make an action plan to help you bridge the gap.

Change Management

We are experts in change management and can confidently guide you through any required organisational changes to deliver you a productive, happy workplace. We are happy to provide top line support, or guide you in a hands-on way throughout the whole process.

Our cultural health standards

Our program includes a visual measurement tool of the health of your workplace culture.

All cultural health standard graphics are registered trademarks of The Culture Doctor ® 

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Competitive advantage

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